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    Does 'Export Relative to Page Size' NOT work in Kindle books & some other ereaders?


      Hi I've been looking at this issue that has made the wheels in my head work overtime! I've made a book with pictures for the Kindle store and all the images look too small.


      I've used Indesign 5.5 on a Win 7 PC.  My file has multiple graphic images and I am exporting it as an epub. When exporting from Indesign you have 2 main options when exporting graphics. You can display them Relative to page size, or have them a Fixed pixel size. In age of multiple size device screens Relative to page size is the logical option because it should be able to make images on a page fill roughly the same percentage of the screen size whatever device you read it on. However I am finding that it doesn't function with all programmes.


      I created an epub. Exported it with the Relative to page size option. This works great when viewed on PC with 3rd party software such as Sigil, or in iBooks for iPhone/iPad or Adobe Digital Editions ereader software.


      However the same epub the images DO NOT display relative to page size when viewed with Calibre ereader software (images display far too small).

      Also, I have converted that same epub (using Calibre) to a mobi. The images in the .mobi DO NOT display relative to page size when viewed with Kindle for PC, Kindle for iPad, Kindle Fire, Kindle Keyboard or Calibre.


      Now. I recognise that my test is in no way universal but something is happening that is making the same file display relative to page size with some software/devices and not relative with other software devices. I've been wondering Is this a bug in the Indesign software or is it not possible on Kindle. Has anybody experienced this. And my main objective is to find out if there is a way, using Indesign or changing the css code, to make images display relative to page size on the Kindle?!



      Any help, thoughts, ideas, knowledge would be appreciated!