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    A Better Way to do Multi-Camera

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      I am able to do multi-camera edits, synchonization and playback but I suspect I am doing it inefficiently.  All of the tutorials I've seen start with only the clips that will participate in the multi-cam ALONE in a sequence.  And I know all the steps from there.  But what I don't know is how to efficiently proceed if there are may clips in a sequence and I only want to do multi-cam on one stack of clips in the sequence.  For instance, let's say that I have 10 clips on the timeline.  All are on video and audio tracks 1.  But the 6th clip also has multi-cam clips on video and audio tracks 2-4.  What I currently do is


      1. copy  these clips (only the clips located in the 6th spot tracks 1-4 on the timeline but not the entire sequence)

      2. paste them to a new sequence (sequence #2)

      3. create another new sequence (sequence #3)

      4. drag sequence #2 into sequence #3)


      I know all the multi-cam steps after this.


      The question is: is this the most efficient way to do this when I'm starting with a sequence that has clips on them other than the ones that I want to participate in multi-cam.  I'm creating 2 new sequences to accomplish this.  Can it be done in only one new sequence?

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          pebalsamo Level 2

          I edit a lot of things the same way you are talking about when you have many clips on video 1 and then just a few where there are mulitple cameras.


          If there are only 2 shots (Video 1 and Video 2) here is what I do.


          1.  Line up Video 2 over top of Video 1 in the proper place.

          2.  Right click on the clip in Video 2 and select "Unlink"  (Unlinking will unlink the audio and video.  You do this so that when you cut video 2 you do not also cut the audio)

          3.  Place the CTI so that it is on your Video 2 Clip and then double click on that clip.  This will open the clip in your Source Monitor.

          4.  BEFORE moving the CTI, Right Click on the tab of your Program Monitor and select "Gang Source and Program".

          5.  Now turn off the eyeball on Video 2

          6.  When you scrub through the timeline you will see both your video in both the Program and Source monitors moving.  Unfortuantely you cannot just play the video and watch both.  You can play it and watch the Program monitor and when you stop the Source monitor will catch up.

          7.  Use the Cut tool to cut out spots of Video 2 so you can see Video 1.

          8.  One tip is that if you are going to cut the very first part of Video 2 the best thing to do is to get the CTI where you want Video 2 to start and then use your selection tool to just trim it to that spot.  If you cut it and delete it you will loos your video in the source monitor.  Not that big of a deal because all you have to do is Double Click on it again and re-select Gange Source and Program, but it saves you from having to mess with it.



          If I have 3 or more video clips I just highlight them all and right click and select "Nest".  That will make your new sequence for you with all your clips you selected.  Just then do a normal Multi Cam edit.


          Hope this helps some!



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            dgfitzpat Level 1

            Thanks.  I will try this.