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    Removing the contents of a container

    kelebribor Level 1
      Hallo friends, i am a new programmer with Flash 8 and i need some help.
      I am disgining a page for one customer in which i want to create dynamicly a background and the text boxes in which i display the values of an array. The array contains 3 cols and 44 arrows and i want to show by 5 rows each time the user clicks on a button i call "Forward".
      In order to do so i made a function ( called Fpaging ), in which i am making a movie clip conatainer - which i call "Base" - and inside of it i am making the background and the text box calling the attachMovieClip(); and the CreateEmptyTextField.
      On the button i call the funciton removeMovieClip - in order to delete the conatainer. (But unfortunately i can't manage this).

      I am giving you the code i wrote inside the frame(1) and the code i wrote inside the button.
      I would really appreciate if someone of you could help me (and especially if could post the right code.)