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    Linking Excel Data w/ InDesign CS5.5

    Bobby Crosbo

      I am working with several documents for an insurance company where we are linking Excel data to InDesign. The idea is that when rates changes, we can simply update the rates in InDesign and publish the new page as a PDF.

      Since we started putting together these documents, the person from the insurance company who is responsible for the Excel document has made many changes, and we have been constantly updating the InDesign document after every change.


      Last week I noticed that after a spreadsheet update (updating the .xlsx in the Links panel) InDesign was displaying incorrect data, in other words, it was inaccurately reading the new data.


      I know that the person responsible for the spread sheet at some point added rows and/or columns to the spreadsheet. If for some reason, this is causing InDesign to inaccurately read the updated data, then that would account for what I am seeing, but I can't yet make that conclusion.


      Has anyone had this type of experience with Excel and InDesign? Can anyone with Excel expertise weigh in on what might be happening?


      Thanks for any help at all.