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    Attempting to make a game, Need some pointers!


      Hello. It has always been a dream of mine to create a game. I quit a long time ago when I had realized the huge price of Adobe Flash Profesional(s). It had been brought to my attention that I would recieve a remarcable discount with the student option. I do have many questions though;

      1) What information will they ask me when I ask for the student discount?

      2) I understand I need to know Actionscript3;

         2a) Where can I learn all I need to know about this?

         2b) Do I need anything besides Flash Profesional CS5.5?

      3) I am a novice at this, thus I do not know much about creating games. Is creating a game with Flash Profesional CS5.5 comparable to creating an animation?


      If you think I may have left out an important question, it would be very appreciated if you would point something else out. Thanks you all for your time!

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          sinious Most Valuable Participant

          1) I don't know but I presume fax your student ID or include it in some way proving you're a current student.

          2) Yes

             2a) You only need to google for unlimited resources on learning AS3. You can always ask questions here as well but they should be direct. Like "how do I use [some function]".

            2b) Yes. A working knowledge of common programming patterns for games. A framework to build your game on like Starling, Flare3D, Away3D, Alternativa3D, etc. Also Flash Builder is the pro coders choice for development with flash. Flash Professional can be used as more of a designers tool. Although you can use it to produce games, you will find it isn't the ideal environment for serious coders. But it sure makes slapping together an interface easy as a design tool. People often use Flash Professional to create lots of graphics and then export a "SWC" for use in Flash Builder to save time on assembling complex interfaces.

          3) Depends on the game. Certain frameworks come with tutorials and examples. For example you can download a Flash Builder project that contains the game yellowPlanet from Flare3D. It shows you the full source code of the game and has a tutorial for building it step by step.


          Photoshop and perhaps 3d software (3dsmax, maya, blender, etc) help as well but it depends on the type of game you want to make. A game typically needs sound as well so some sound editor and/or a bunch of sounds are needed too for a good experience. If you're making something like bejeweled, photoshop alone will be just fine. If it's 3d, then you may find 3dsmax (which I think has a student discount too) is ideal. But these are expensive professional applications.


          Just take it in steps. People have been developing for flash for over a decade. If you don't know AS3 you should start just by trying to create simple things, like a simple animation, but use some code. Expand on what you build and continue to learn the AS3 classes.


          Starting off expecting to build a game is a bit ambitious.