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    different component listener behaviour since flex 4.6

    mspecht001 Level 1

      I used  a custom component combobx in our project. It consists of a textinput and an toggleButton. If you press on the button or the textfield a pop up opens. Since I migrated to flex 4.6 the pop up doesn't open. Here is the code:


      public function CustomCombobox(){


                                    addEventListener(ResizeEvent.RESIZE, resizeHandler);


                                    ti = new TextInput();


                                    ti.percentWidth = 65;

        ti.selectable = false;

                                    ti.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, openPopupList);

                                    ti.editable = false;


                                    tb = new ToggleButton();


                                    tb.percentWidth = 65

                                    tb.percentHeight = 100;

                                    tb.setStyle('skinClass', ComboBoxToggleButtonSkin);

                                    tb.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, openPopupList);







      Does anybody have an idea why this behaviour changed?