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    Multiple users on single computer

      We're helping a church train their volunteers to use Contribute. In their small computer lab, volunteers will edit their particular directories/pages. We can easily create keys for each of them with their specific allowed directories - can multiple users share a single computer and let us achieve limited access for each user? How do we set up Contribute or the connection key to demand a user log-on? This church has no publishing server. Is this possible?
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          I don't think so because Contribute does this weird thing where it stores sftp / ftp information in your registry key (encrypted) and then regardless of what you enter when it prompts you to enter that data it still uses whatever was first stored for that domain in your registry. So if anyone ever opts to "save" the login information, ever, then it's set until you clear your registry key chain. (annoying)

          It would be possible if you made each computer specific to role, like all roles that use this computer uses a sftp / ftp information that is on the same level.

          Long story short, you can do this, but it might cause problems when users don't understand why they can't do things they normally could do (sftp information was saved as a lower level user) or a low level access user who has privledges they should not have (sftp information was saved as a high level user).
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            Charles, if you're right, then darn, but it's what I figured without any easy way to do this noted in the software itself. Thanks for your answer; it confirms what I feared.