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    Hyperlink styles in menu look correct in editor but wrong in Preview or real Web Browser

    jedikalimero Level 1

      The default hyperlink style of my site is:

      Normal or Visited links are black, boldface and underlined

      Hovering or active links are grey boldface and underlined


      Except for my menu where I want them this way:

      Normal, Visited or Active links are black, no boldface and no underline

      Hovering links are grey and underlined


      But I can't manage to do it!

      The items appear in boldface with no underlines and no colour change (so the only hint when you hover them is the pointer changing from arrow to hand)

      The only different is the last item that is the only one that has submenu and is not a hyperlink by itself. It doesn't appear in boldface but again no underline or colour change. Also the first item of this submenu appears without boldface.

      in the editor the menu looks fine but in the preview or when HTML exported, the menu looks as explained.


      As Menus behave differently than other hyperlinks, I've tried to click and drill down to the text in the menu then modify the text appearance using the States panel, but as I said, the menu looks fine in the editor but not in the preview or web browser.


      I also have tried to remove the menu completely and creating again from scratch, but even with all the default options of the widget (not even font size change nor font type), it appears as non boldface in the editor but boldface in the preview.


      You can see the menu live in the site here:



      Pictures can be seen in the old forum here: http://support.muse.adobe.com/muse/topics/how_do_i_change_hyperlink_styles_in_a_menu