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    How allow pages to shuffle

    Learner X Level 1



      I am new to script. Try to study IndesignCS3 Scripting Guide.


      I have an doubt in page 16 in that


      app.activeDocument.documentPreferences.allowPagesShuffle = true;


      Above mentioned line not shuffle my pages in my active document.


      How can i declare this Boolean.

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          Muppet Mark Level 5

          I think you have misunderstood… This is a boolean property that allows you to move the pages NOT a method that shuffles your document pages about…

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            Learner X Level 1

            Hi Muppet,


            Thanks for  your response...


            In scripting Guide CS3 in page 14 this is the program i am checking  write now


            var myDocument = app.documents.add();


            pageHeight = "800pt";

            pageWidth = "600pt";

            pageOrientation = PageOrientation.landscape;

            pagesPerDocument = 16;



            After that i go to Scripting Reference CS2 for refer all document preferences in that "allowPagesShuffle and "facingPages" that i  seen.


            Then i used shuffle and facing pages what i mentioned in the 1st question.


            Please show one small demo for my 10 pages active  document.