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    Sound Linkning to Video

      Hi everybody,

      I'm very new to Flash and action scripting so please excuse me. I am doing a music technology degree in the UK and am looking to create an interactive product involving film and sound. I have recently finished creating a soundtrack to a piece of film about 7 minutes long. The music has been composed in layers, meaning each instrument is in a separate .wav file. So you listen back with just piano or a full orchestra, depending on the number of audio files you listen to.

      I would like to use Flash to create an application that lets the user control how many layers of music are audible.

      Another way to explain this would be, I have one video and say 10 audio files. I wish for them all to start at the same time but wish to let the user have control over which audio files they hear playing along with the video. So rather than starting and stopping certain audio, they need to just be muted to they continue to run and stay in sync with the other audio and more importantly, the video.

      Is this at all possible?

      Any help at all would be very much appreciated.

      Thank you

      Chris Lambert