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    How to install Flash 10 Debug ActiveX control

    Amy Blankenship Level 4

      I need to be able to see what my content will do in our target platform--Flash 10.  However, it looks like the debug player failed to install with my Web Premium installation, so I tried to download and install the Flash 10 Debug player.  I started out with the most recent build (, but it fails to install "The version of Adobe Flash Player that you are trying to install is not the most current version. Please visit the Player Download Center, blah, blah."  The only option at that point seems to be "Quit." If there is an "I know this, but I am deliberately installing this player" option, it is not terribly obvious.


      I am trying to install Flash Player 10 debug player because I need to develop for Flash Player 10. Is there a place where I can get an installer that is not crippled like this?


      Thanks in advance;