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    FileReference filtering the save as file type




      I am wondeirng if anyone can tell me if it is possible to filter/specify the save as types for a fileReference.save().


      I know to browse you can set the filetypes


      files = new FileReference();

      files.browse(new Array(new FileFilter("Image (*.png)", "*.png")));


      However I am looking to be able to set the save as type to say jpg, png, bmp. Is this possible?

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          A.Liebscher Level 1

          This seems to work for me....


          var file:File = File.desktopDirectory;

          file.browseForSave ("Save as *.your file type");

          file.addEventListener (Event.SELECT, onSaveSelect);

          function onSaveSelect(event:Event):void


               var array:Object = Object(arrCol);

               var saveFile:File = File(event.target);

               var directory:String = saveFile.url;

               if (directory.indexOf(".your file type") == -1)


                    directory +=  ".your file type";


               var file:File = new File(directory);

               var fileStream:FileStream = new FileStream();

               fileStream.open (file, FileMode.WRITE);


               fileStream.close ();


          It opens up the save dialog, but you don't have to enter a file type. When you click the save, or select, button it saves as whatever file type you want. If you need help understanding this method, just ask.