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    Is it possible to upload a file to a HTTP server via a stream?

    Rick.Blacker Level 1

      I know that a file can be uploaded by means of using a FileReference object. However, we want to be able to handle very large files that could get up into several gigs in size. We want to send the file in chunk sizes of no more than 500 megs. I wrote a .NET application that does this. Basically it


      Opens a file stream

      Feeds that file stream into a BinaryReader

      Create a BinaryWriter that writes to the web requests stream


      for the lenght of the file grab data from file

         myBytes[] = get x amounts of bytes from binaryReader

         binaryWriter writes myBytes to the web requests stream 



      of course this is a very crude algorythm, but it highlights the key points. The reading of binary data from file streams and sending that binary data to a webhead via a web request objects stream.  This app would run in our internal network, and yes, it has to be over HTTP because the webserver is running some sort of large file upload API that deals with large file uploads.


      Thanks for any help!!!