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    time-lapse video from existing series of pictures...


      I am new to Premiere Elements and looking for instructions on creating a time-lapse video from a folder of still pictures taken using a GoPro camera.  So far the Help has only discussed creating time-lapse from a video feed.  great thanks for any suggestions...

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          Welcome to the forum.


          If you are ONLY using Still Images, and no Video, then you will want to determine your delivery, say DVD-Video, or BD, or posting to YouTube in SD, or HD. That will determine the Project Preset that you will choose.


          Let's say that you will wish to deliver the Project via a BD (Blu-ray Disc). If so, then you can choose a 1920 x 1080 Project, at either 30 (29.97) FPS for NTSC, or 25 FPS for PAL.


          I would Scale all of my images to 1920 x 1080 in Photoshop, or Photoshop Elements. This can be easily done with an Action for an entire folder of Images. See this ARTICLE for some tips.


          As for Import, there are probably two ways to handle that, but someone will have to give you exact instructions on the second, if PrE now supports Importing Numbered Stills Sequences, like PrPro does. I believe that it now does, but use PrPro for such, that I have not explored it. The other is pretty straight forward. When I Scale my Still Images, I number them sequentially, so that file ____00001 is followed by ____00002, etc. through the last Image in the sequence.


          This next part might take some experimentation, depending on the intervals, that you have set your Go-Pro to shoot, and the "look," that you want. For pure Time-Lapse, a Duration of 1 Frame is probably what you want, but if you wish a bit more of a Stop-Motion look, then you might want, say 3 - 5.Frames. For most of my work, I will go with the 3 - 5 Frames, and use very short Cross-Dissolves between each Image. After you have done the experimentation, go to Edit>Preferences and set the Still Image Duration.Then, Import the Stills, or if possible in PrE, Import the Numbered Still Sequence, which, in PrPro, will allow one to add the Cross-Dissolve automatically. Remember, also in Edit>Preferences, set the Video Transition Duration too.


          Good luck, and let us know what works best for you. Also, keep an eye out, because if PrE does support Numbered Still Sequences, that will save you some time. Steve, Neale, John T., or another will verify that PrE has that capability, and where to locate it.



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            While waiting for the "team" to weigh in, I poked around a bit. This is what I found for PrE 10:


            Add numbered still-image files as a single clip

            1Make sure that each still-image filename has the correct filename extension. All filenames in the sequence must contain an equal number of digits before the extension—for example, file000.bmp, file001.bmp, and so on.

            2Do one of the following:

            •In the Tasks panel, click Project, and click Get Media; then click Files And Folders.

            •Choose File > Get Media From > Files And Folders.

            3Locate and select the first numbered still image in the sequence. From the Files Of Type menu, select Numbered Stills, and click Open.

            Adobe Premiere Elements interprets all of the numbered files as a single sequence.

            Note: For information on changing the duration of still images, see “Set duration for imported still images” in Help.


            Hope that helps, and good luck,