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    How to update mobile app on Tablet with Android OS?


      Hi everyone!)


      I use Flash Builder, i'm want to create mobile app working on Tablet with Android OS with possibility to update it to new version, for example from ver.1 to ver.2,


      when i work in Flex Builder it seems like this:


        import air.update.ApplicationUpdaterUI;

        import air.update.events.UpdateEvent;


        private var updater:ApplicationUpdaterUI = new ApplicationUpdaterUI();


        private function doUpdate():void


            updater.configurationFile = new File("app:/config/updaterConfig.xml");




        but when i crete new mobile project in Flash Builder I can't import air.update


      Smb, please show me basic example how i can do this...mb some links to this discussion or example on my email: 9506153635@mail.ru


      PS: thanks to everyone!)))