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    Starling framework and mobile.

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      After a lot of new swearwords i made up on the fly;

      I discovered that flash builder does not yet support stage3d starling for mobile.

      Or does it? (thats my question actually)


      I keep getting internal builder an internal builder error.

      It said to check the logs, i did..now im on asperine and whiskey and learning chinese.


      I have seen this youtube clip of a guy running the hopping soldier demo on his phone so i was thinking it is possible.

      Perhaps using it from flash cs5.5 and not the builder?


      FYI: i did suceed to get a triangle on the screen using a web flash as project.

      So it does work and my source is pointing to the starling stuff and the right flex builder and those wmode parms and swf-version=13 and all.


      Just that I wanted to test it for speed on my tablet

      Cant seem to get there.


      Please help.


      Highest regards,