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    circle fill and glow

    future-architect Level 1


      how do i change this so I do not have to have a sold fill for the circle in the center?

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          groove25 Level 4

          Not sure how you made this... Judging by the look of the graphic and the title of your post, I'd guess it's a bright yellow fill with a black inner glow? However, when I try this, I don't get a solid patch of color in the center, so I'm not sure what the problem is.


          You could definitely achieve a similar look using a radial gradient fill by itself. And with a gradient fill, you can adjust the color stops with the eyedropper tool, their opacity and position, or add multiple stops. Alternatively, have you tried stacking effects? You can layer as many inner glow effects as you like to achieve the right look.

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            future-architect Level 1

            all I did was create a circle, fill it with a color, and then created a glow.

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              groove25 Level 4

              I think you mean "inner glow", not "glow".


              If you can share a screenshot of the effect settings, maybe that would help. (Click on the "i" symbol next to the effect name to view or edit the settings.) When I apply the effect, I don't get a solid point in the center.

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                groove25 Level 4

                So the tiny circle in the middle is the vector object? I misunderstood; I thought the perimeter of the glow was the circle (and that you had applied an inner glow).


                At this point, I have no idea what you're asking. If you don't want the object itself to have a fill, you can set the fill to None from within the Properties Inspector, using either the Fill dropdown menu or the color picker (both of which are next to the Paint Can icon in your screenshot). If you want something other than a solid color fill—such as a pattern or gradient—you can likewise select that using the same Fill dropdown menu. (If this was your question, you should really invest some time with a book, video series, or other training resource to learn your way around the software!)

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                  future-architect Level 1

                  i am familiar with the gradiant tool.  basically i would like an eye that glows.  i don't know that the gradiant tool would give me that.

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                    groove25 Level 4

                    If you're looking for something like your original graphic, but without the abrupt color transition at the center, you can draw a larger circle (e.g., in yellow) and then add an "inner glow" filter effect (in black), like this:


                    inner glow.png


                    A similar look could be achieved with a radial gradient fill (yellow to black), without the need to add the effect.


                    P.S. If you prefer to stick with your original, small circle and glow effect, you could feather the circle to blend it with the glow effect—this option is available under the Edge dropdown menu in the Properties Inspector (choose Feather instead of Anti-Alias).