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    Grouping Selection in CS 5.5


      In CS4 I ran this code where I was selecting certain objects on specific layers and then grouping the objects.  In CS 5.5 this code still selects the objects(at least it looks that way in the interface), but then the Object -->Group functionality is not available to me.  I don't understand what is different.  Maybe there is a different way to do this.  Can anyone help?  Here is my code.


      For myCounter = 1 To myPageItems


           strLayerName = myPage.AllPageItems(myCounter).ItemLayer.name

           If strLayerName <> "Die Lines" And strLayerName <> "CoverProof" Then


                Call  myDocument.Select(myPage.AllPageItems.Item(myCounter), InDesign.idSelectionOptions.idAddTo)


           End if



      myGroup = myDocument.Groups.Add(myIndesign.Selection)