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    Why doesn't Adobe recognize my password on my iPad?

    Dra shore

           Unfortunately my iPad2 went for a swim the other day and drowned----serious user error.  Fortunately the user (me) had backed up the iPad on a regular basis so all data, aps and setting were recovered.  The only serious glitch occured when I tried to open my books downloaded from the library using OverDrive. ADOBE popped up and asked me to enter my ID and Password.  When I did, Adobe did not recognize me, declared all of my books as "Invalid Titles" and directed my to 'verify your ADOBE ID and try again.'  I tapped the OK but then nothing else happened. 

           Where do I go to verify?  I checked in settings but couldn't find anything that looked helpful.

           Please help.....my check out itme for book 5 of Dance of Dragons expired before I could finish.  . . .sooo sad. I read lots of books from the library this way and right now I am completely locked out.

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          I'm wondering if you did the Overdrive update that was just released before your iPad got wet? I think there may have been issues with the update and Adobe Authorization as I had the same problem. But I was getting an Adobe Authorization Error 256 message every time I tried to authorize and it was not working for 3 days. I did delete Overdrive from my iPad ( not recommended unless you have to) then reinstalled, then I synced my iPad to my computer. Still couldn't get it to authorize.


          This is what I did and was able to get it working...


          In settings at the top it should say Adobe Authorization, click authorize it should ask for your ID and password click authorize may take a minute, if that doesn't work I did the following.

          In settings I turned off Auto play, Cellular download, automatic downloads and auto check messages. I then tapped clear deleted titles even though there weren't any, then I tapped check for messages.clicked ok when it said there were none. Then clicked Authorize, tried two times with everything off then when it didn't work I turned on all the settings I had turned off ,did the Authorization again and it worked. I was able to download the books from the library directly from my iPad.


          I hope this helps, I know how frustrated I was when I couldn't get it to work!


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            Dra shore Level 1

            hi Cheryl,

            Yep, that was the answer.  I did the same thing last night: deleted OverDrive from my iPad and then reinstalled.  Thanks for taking the time to answer. I'd planned to post my result this monring.