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    How Read image from slingRequest




      We have a user input form which contains input file (image) selection. When user submits the form, we want to read the file selected by user and store it as base 64 encoded data. We have following code to do the same. This code gets executed when the form is submitted.


      //Read image data from slingRequest

      String userImage1 = slingRequest.getParameter("userImage1");


      //Apply base 64 encoding on the data received in slingRequest

      String encodedUserFile = "";

      byte[] userFileBytes = userImage1.getBytes();

      encodedUserFile = Base64.encodeBase64String(userFileBytes);


      These statements are not throwing any error. But, when I try to apply base 64 decoding on the contents available in 'encodedUserFile', its' not the image user uploaded. There seems to be some problem, which I am not able to figure out. Can someone please help me with this?