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    Can't save to mp3 192 Kbps

    Kost7 Level 1

      I am trying to save to mp3 192 Kbps from wave as Export Audio within Range Markers. I tried to save songs to 192 or 160 Kbps mp3 but in result I always get only 128 Kbps (3.22 min song is 3164kB) when I open with Real Player or Windows Media Player. Does is anyone have this problem?

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          _durin_ Adobe Employee

          If you open the new MP3 file in Audition, what does it think the mp3 bit rate to be?  (This is displayed in the Source Format column in the Files panel or the Format area in the Properties panel.)


          Can you tell us, or attach a screenshot, what values are set for Sample Type and Format Settings in the Export Range Markers dialog?

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            Kost7 Level 1

            Strange this time I tried 192 but it was saved under 160. I exported and then opened track_1

            1.png192 Kbps


            2.pnggetting 160 Kbps

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              SteveG(AudioMasters) Level 6

              Kost7 wrote:

              Does is anyone have this problem?

              Having a spare ten minutes, I just tried this using the same settings (stereo original, mono MP3) both as an export from Multitrack view, and also as a direct save from Edit view. I simply can't get this to go wrong - it saves as exactly what it says it will. And the metadata and file properties tie up correctly as well...

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                Kost7 Level 1

                I've just tried to export into 32 Kbps mono. After opening new mp3 track it shows 160 Kbps and strange thing that tempo of the song became almost twice faster. 3:22 min turned to 1:40 min in length

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                  Kost7 Level 1

                  When I do Save Selection As...  it saves to correct format without problem

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                    Kost7 Level 1

                    and after I used Save Selection As (192 Kbps mp3) it stays there now and when I export into 128 Kbps mp3 it still gives me 192 Kbps. Well, I guess I know how to get around it. This feature  Export Audio within Range Markers is really great.

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                      SteveG(AudioMasters) Level 6

                      The only thing I can think of to try is deleting (or renaming and saving) C:\Documents and Settings\{username}\Aplication Data\Adobe\Audition\4.0\Application Setings.xml and seeing if this still happens. If you either delete, or rename this, then Audition will automatically replace it with a new 'vanilla' version. But this file does contain some settings related to this, so it may well be worth trying. If you can't find it, you may have to unhide the folder it's in, but it will be there!

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                        Kost7 Level 1

                        Thanks, Steve. I tried but it did not help. I have Win 7 32bit

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                          I'm reopening this because it was never solved and I have a similar problem with Audition CS6 on OS X. No matter what Multitrack Mixdown settings I chose, Audition creates a 192 kbps MP3.


                          Were there any solutions?

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                            DJosephDesign Level 1

                            At least in my case, this ended up being a very strange issue. I remade my multitrack session and still encountered this problem. Even though the audio and the session were at 16-bit, the exported file was at 32-bit. So I changed Audition's mixdown settings from "Same as Source" (which should have meant 16-bit) to 16-bit, and then my MP3 properly encoded with the settings I actually chose!


                            Apparently, "Same as Source" to Audition means "completely different from source and the user's other preferences."

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                              jamvan08 Level 1

                              Heres a solution.

                              Try saving it to wav.

                              Then convert the wav to mp3 192 with an outside utility.

                              Just google for a free convert wav to mp3 192 program.



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                                MHoecker Level 1

                                Similar problem.  Trying to export my multitrack as an MP3 and it won't respect the bitrate and format I choose.  This didn't used to happen (that I know of, pretty sure it never did) before CC2017.


                                Multitrack session, go to file-> export-> multitrack mixdown.  Either entire session, or selected clips, doesn't matter.


                                In format, choose MP3.  In format settings, it doesn't matter what I choose, it exports it as a 320 Kbps CBR file.


                                Tried various VBR (what I actually want) and CBR settings, all resulting MP3s are 320Kbps.


                                Of course, exporting to WAV and converting works fine, but just an unnecessary (or should be) step.

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                                  ryclark Level 6

                                  All seems to work here OK on a Win7 PC with Audition CC 2017 v.10.1.11. Tried with various different CBR and VBR settings and all exported as expected.

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                                    MHoecker Level 1

                                    I forgot to update this, but I figured out why it was doing it.  It doesn't make sense to me, but maybe there's a good reason, or maybe it's a bug.  In the export multi track mixdown (first image) if "Sample Type" is set to "Same as Source" it will also use the same bitrate as the source (or just use 320kbs, I'm not sure, I haven't tested it with another source file to see exactly), regardless of what is put in "Format Settings". (image 2)





                                    Change Sample Rate and Bit Depth (or maybe one or the other, I haven't done more testing to see which of these settings it is, but I probably should) to whatever you want besides "Same as Source", and then the Format Settings will be respected. 




                                    To me these should be independant of each other, or if they are not, then format settings should be grayed out to avoid this confusion.


                                    Hope this helps!

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                                      ryclark Level 6

                                      I wouldn't be too sure but I would have thought that if you don't change the sample type when exporting/saving from a 32bit audio file that Audition has open that a lower bitrate can't be used unless you also reduce the bit depth first, particularly if you are using VBR. Does Audition behave the same if you use CBR instead?

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                                        MHoecker Level 1

                                        I'll have to check (I don't do that kind of work often in Audition, working mostly on videos in Premiere and therefore dealing mostly with WAV files instead of MP3s) but the source was a 320kbs MP3 file, so bit depth or sampling didn't actually change (though since I was working in multitrack, maybe it automatically works in 32bit space, so this was the problem?)

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                                          Bob Howes Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                          Audition can't open or work on MP3 files in that native format--it converts them to wave to work on and Audition works internally at 32 bit Floating point.  (If you're curious why Audition can't open MP3 files natively, it's because MP3 started life as a compression format for video signal--the proper name is MPEG 2, Layer 3--and, as such, it's a frame based system so the audio is in chunks rather than a continuous series of samples.  That's why software that CAN work on MP3 files is very limited in what it can do.)

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                                            ryclark Level 6

                                            Also remember that if you audio started out as a .mp3 and you open it Audition to edit and then save it out again as .mp3 you will be compressing the audio for a second time thus losing even more of the audio quality. It is always better to Mixdown/Export to a standard uncompressed .wav file when working in Audition. Only at the very last stage of delivery should it be converted to .mp3. Every encode/decode/encode cycle leads to further loss of audio content.

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                                              Blake Braswell Level 1

                                              It still won't work for me, even changing the "Same as Source" to the choice I want. Always spits it out at 192kbs.

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                                                ryclark Level 6

                                                Which version of Audition? May be a bug with CC2018.

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                                                  Blake Braswell Level 1

                                                  It’s CC2018. Clean install on a week old Mac. The CC2018 version would let me do it on my old Mac two weeks ago, but it won’t let me on this one. It says it’s set to 64 Kbps export, but the finished file always comes out at 192 Kbps.