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    Lightroom 4 (and update) slow down after editing 2 images


      Imported 74 Nikon RAW images (from D300) into Lightroom 4 (also tried with RC-1) on 2.8ghz Intel iMac with 4gb memory, approx 180GB free on 320GB HD.


      After using the brush on 2nd image the program slows to a crawl. It takes a minute or more to load the next image, a dozen or more seconds for Brush to be ready to use. Running OS-X Lion. Getting spinning wheel constantly, and it gets slower after 2nd image. I'm forced to close the program, wait a bit and restart so I can edit another photo in any reasonable time. Also, if I wait in Lightoom, doing nothing for a minute or more, things will speed up again for another 1 or 2 images (if I'm lucky).  All software and OS is up to date. No other programs running.


      Memory leak or garbage collection problems?


      Same thing happens on my Windows 7 laptop using a new Crucial 120gb SSD.


      Someone else is editing the same images on their 4 year old PC using Lightroom 3.6 and everything is fine. I'm switching back to see if it helps. Will post here with results.