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    Checkboxes (Wingdings) to multiple words (Arial) in same sentence using styles.


      Many of my projects involve  forms that require me to scan pages using OCR to capture the text and redesigning the form (new tables, new checkboxes...etc.).  How can I apply a style to a group of words in the same sentence and apply a checkbox to each word followed by a capital lettered word.  The checkbox font is Wingdings and the text is usually Arial.  I typically use an "en space" to separate the checkbox from the text and then an "em space" to separate the following checkbox for the next word.  For example:


      I would like to be able to just highlight text such as:




      and apply a style or some type of find/replace action that results in (see image below)




      Note that:


      the first checkbox has no space prior to it

      the subsequent checkboxes have an "em" space prior to them with an "en" space after

      the text is capitalized


      I know how to apply paragraph styles to accomplish this with one term within a cell of a table.  Is there anyway to accomplish this just by highlighting the terms?


      Any suggestions to make this process easier and efficient would be a tremendous help!  I('m using InDesign 5.5 (PC) with Win7.


      Thank you in advance!!!