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    Flash 7 getURL fails in IE7

    somascope Level 3
      I have an old Flash file that must remain published to Flash player 7. I'm experience a complete failure of communication to JavaScript in IE7 when using getURL(), and am unsure how to resolve this issue.

      A call to a JavaScript function on the page fails. Even a simple call to make an alert happen fails:
      btn.onRelease = function() {
      getURL("javascript:alert('you clicked me')");

      I'm using the AC_RunActiveContent.js to embed the *.swf (via the export to HTML).

      This does work when viewed in Firefox 2. How many others have run into this? What are workarounds or alternatives?
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          somascope Level 3
          This is now no longer an issue for me. I finally decided to download and run the Flash player uninstaller, and reinstall Flash. That did the trick for me. So I must have had a corrupt player on my machine.

          Frustrating, though, that I only thought of this after a couple hours of pulling teeth, hairs and other things.