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    How can I create automatic numbering?

    JerryPF Level 1

      I'm using a document for reference, where a chapter (or paper) number is linked from the master page to an anchored text frame. Changing the paper number in the anchored frame automatically changes the number on the master page item in the top corner of the layout. The master page hasn't been overridded and isn't immediately selectable. There's also a running head on the master page and a small text frame in the layout that is similarly linked. I've explored 'Insert text variables' which appears to give a clue, but I can't replicate this in a new document. The master page item for the chapter/paper number appears as <00> and a new text variable has been created for this, with running head style. The running head appears on the master page as Level <level number> with the text variable 'level number', again set to running head style.


      Does anyone please know the trick to make these numbers link or change the master page item, from the linked text frame on the pages throughout the document?