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    Duplicate Index entries/Search results, revisited

      RoboHelp 7 HTML
      Build 7.01.001
      Variables: yes
      Build tags: yes

      I still have not been able to get rid of duplicate results when I perform a search or double-click an index entry. Here is how my project is organized:

      HTML Build
      Master (4 topics)
      Import Export (270 topics)
      Main (620 topics)
      Reports (560 topics)
      Tutorial (160 topics)
      What’s New (20 topics)
      All projects are generated to the ProPricer → Help folder.

      The Import/Export, Reports and Main modules have F1 capabilities, and since I cannot open the complete help when F1 is clicked, their windows have been named Import/Export module, Reports module and Main module, so the user knows he is not accessing the complete help. The names of the projects used to contain the name of our product (ProPricer), but that was removed long ago. These projects have links between them; the Main module has links to Reports and Import/Export, the Reports module to Main etc, so RoboHelp copies the respective chm file to the project folder.

      The What’s New project does not have F1 capabilities, but it does contain links to Import/Export, Reports, and Main, so the respective chm files have been copied to this project folder.

      The Master project is what I created to merge all the projects. It does not contain any remote links, nor require F1 capability. The window of this project is named ProPricer Help, since this is the complete help.

      Performing a search or double-clicking and index entry in the Import/Export, Reports or Main modules within the application does not result in duplicate entries. The problem arises in the merged (Master) help. For example: if I double-click import in the Index I get two results:
      Title Location
      Import Import/Export Module
      Import ProPricer Import/Export Help (this is the old name of the project)
      When I search for Import, I also get duplicate entries, which open the same topic. The location is not listed.

      This is what I have done so far:
      1. Deleted, deleted and deleted again the cpd file.
      2. Generated to a different folder.
      3. Copied the chm files to a different folder.
      4. Opened all the hhp files, except the Master hhp, and deleted everything in the Merged Files section.
      5. I don’t see any rlt files, so I am unable to delete those.

      I apologize if I included too much detail, but I wanted all of you to see the intricacies of the project in case I’m not seeing something. I had to include a faulty help in a release this week, and that did not set well with the company. Any suggestions you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

      Beyond frustrated,