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    'C' drive nearly full?




      I edit on PC with a 'c' drive (465 GB) for basic computer running and a 'd' drive  (931GB) for video editing.


      When editing a concert the other day I noticed that the 'c' drive was showing only 40GB of the 465GB was free.


      I haven't noticed the 'c' drive being used for editing before and the computer is not used for  much else.

      When I open 'c' drive then Users\Norman properties it indicates there is 360 GB of stuff in there but when I open files in 'Norman' there is nothing of any size


      Could someone let me know what might be causing this? Could it be something to do with temp files?


      Thanks for your help



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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Move the Media Cache, previews or render files and all the other temp storage to a third disk. Start by cleaning the media cache, adjusting your preferences and project settings to use another disk than the C drive.


          If properly used, your C: drive should not contain more than around 50 GB out of the 500 capacity.

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            davo56 Level 1

            Thanks very much for that Harm.


            I'm not sure if I can confidently do what you advise without fear of making a mistake but I will ask a computer competent friend to do so.


            Thanks again for your help



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              davo56 Level 1

              Hi Harm


              I've found the place in preferences where media cache is directed to 'c' drive and the problem makes sense.


              Can I change this to the 'd' drive as I don't have a third drive perhaps creating a file for this stuff.


              If I delete the file where this stuff is currently stored - C\Users|AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Common - will this affect any saved Premiere work such as the concert I've just finished editing?


              Should I clear this file from time to time?


              Under preferences / media there is a tick box for 'save media cache files next to originals when possible'. Is this a means of saving these files in 'd' drive?


              Thanks for help



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                Harm Millaard Level 7

                If you clean the Media Cache (and it is a good practice to do that from time to time to clean up left-overs from previous projects) it does not cause any problems. The Media Cache contains indexed, conformed and peak files and if PR can't find them, it will recreate them automatically. The only drawback is that it takes some time and you have to wait for that process to finish before editing. In your case it makes sense to first delete the media cache and then set your preferences to the D: drive and let PR recreate the files it needs. You may want to run a utility like Ccleaner to then clean up your C: drive and then run a disk optimizer on that disk. I use PerfectDisk for that. And check that hibernation is turned off so there is no "hiberfil.sys" file on your C: drive anymore. That can take huge amounts of diskspace and slow down the disk significantly. See http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/15140/what-is-hiberfil.sys-and-how-do-i-delete-it/

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                  davo56 Level 1

                  Massive help thanks - i can see the way forward


                  Thanks again