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    Blue Numbers on IRS Forms


      When I enter values on an IRS form, the numbers come up blue.  I have emailed the forms to myself so I can go to another computer and print my forms.  But when I upload the form, the numbers do not show up.  I think that they're there, but it might be a setting problem.  What am I doing wrong?

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          LoriAUC Rockstar

          It appears that the IRS forms are setup with form field text that is blue so this is normal. What type of system are you sending your form to? Win or Mac? Does it print correctly?

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            mjkee1 Newcomer

            Yes, I realized that the blue was normal on the form field.  But I was surprised that emailing the file to myself from my Win laptop to my brother's Win desktop would create a situation where opening the file on his desktop would reveal blank texts.  I tried modifying his font settings because I believe the numbers are there, just "masked".  But nothing worked.  Very strange.  I didn't move my printer over to his place yet, since I wasn't sure that it would work.  I'll give it a try.  Thanks for responding.

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              LoriAUC Rockstar

              Is the other machine using a copy of Reader less version 8?