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    Auto fit text boxes to not save correctly

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      I posted this in the wrong forum I think - so I am reposting this here.  Mods please on or the other if this a problem.


      I have a form where I have a text box on a positioned page that is set up in the following way

      - allow multiple lines - object>field options

      - expand to fit - Layout options.

      - I do have a height specified as a default.

      - this.maxH - ""; - is scripted to shrink the box to the smallest size possible based on the text value.

      - this is a dynamic form


      It works as designed when test the PDF in reader or acrobat.  I have enabled user rights to save the document in acrobat.


      The problem is that when I add some text to the textbox, save the document, then reopen it - it collapses the text to one line and shifts the position up.  I have wrapped this in subfrom and set it to flowed, but that made no chance.  I wonder if there is a conflict with the this.maxH script and auto height.


      Any ideas - thanks in advance to any all help.