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    Drawing API meets Tweener: Animating an elastic line

      hi everybody - what is the best way to go about this?

      at its most basic - i need to animate a line's beginning and end points using tweener to 2 new points somewhere else on the stage.

      my first thought is to start with the excellent 3d spinning cube example that kirupa made on kirupa.com and backtrack from there.
      but i'm hoping to find a much simpler and efficient way of accomplishing what i need.

      the problem that i know i need to get around is this.... i have to find a way to have the Tweener class give me updated positions of the x and y of the two points which make up the lines. and somehow i have to use the drawing api to 'get inside of' tweener to update the stage accordingly - reason for this is that these lines will need to use the elastic tween and bounce around a bit.

      i'd appreciate any help