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    "Global" Editing features with topic templates

    maniac9999 Level 1
      Does anyone know how I can add "globally" add a specific piece of code to all topics in a project? I'm using RH Office X5 on XP and I have a few projects to which I'm using/planning to use ZoomSearch, since the RoboHelp search really stinks. One of the features of this nifty add on (search highlighting) requires that I add a few lines of HTML code to all topics. I suppose I could add it through Dreamweaver, but since I will eventually be turning over my projects to someone else who has less familiarity with RH and since people REALLY like the ability of editing within RH, I would like people to be able to do this through RH.

      Right now, using RH X5, I'm copying this code into each topic, which isn't bad for small projects, but it will be a real pain for larger projects. I tried copying it into the existing topic template, saving the project, then regenerating the output, but the changes weren't accepted (very strange).

      I even tried making changes to the topic template, copying it out to my desktop, renaming it, reimporting it into the project, then changing the properties on several topics to point to the new template. The topics point to the new template, but the code in each topic does NOT show the code changes I made to the topic.

      In the past, when I've updated a footer controlled by a template, RoboHelp asks me if I want to apply the changes to all topics created from that template. I click "Yes", and every topic gets updated.

      Is this possible using RH 7? I'm not getting a copy of RH 7 to test until late April or early May.