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    Opening a E-Book to my PC

    SunStar2012 Level 1

      I tried to download a book from my Nook account to my PC but it would not recognize the EPUB extension so I downloaded Adobe

      and it still wouldn't so I saved the book to my hard drive and tried to then open it with Adobe and got "Document is licensed for a

      different user".  What am I doing wrong?

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          Jim_Lester Level 4

          ADE 1.7 doesn't support content from Barnes & Noble.  If you want to read that content I would suggest downloading the Nook for Mac or Nook for PC clients from the B&N website.

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            Level 4

            (where to start....)


            When you go to Adobe's website to download Digital Editions (ADE), you

            should register with Adobe, and establish a User ID and password.  This is

            key for the rest of the process.  Adobe will download your copy of ADE and

            embed that ID.


            Next, when you go to B&N to download ebooks, you should use your Adobe ID

            because ADE will compare the ID embedded in the ebook file with the one in

            ADE.  When they are different, then ADE will give you the message you're



            It's possible to change your ADE ID to the one you used for B&N, but you'd

            have to leave it that way to read ebooks from B&N, and then any interaction

            with Adobe (upgrades, ect.) wouldn't work....   How to do that is covered

            in the Adobe HELP section, and involves deauthorization then



            Hope this helps!