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    Conversion to bitmap? Help!


      I am using InDesign to create pdfs. How do I go about "tagging" them so that the correct fonts and formatting will convert into Word? Also, how do I prevent images from being converted to bitmap (which makes them fuzzy)?

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          Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You need to use File>Export and select RTF


          Your text frames should all be threaded properly and the text insertion point active in the text frame.


          That will export all the text.



          If you have Anchored the images - I can't remember if they transfer across?



          If they don't then use the FIle>Export and choose HTML


          You'll be given options - head directly for the IMAGES tab.


          Then set the Image resolution to 150 ppi.



          That will export all the images.



          Then reinsert them into the Word file.





          For what it's worth - exporting directly to PDF automatically strips the Style Names -