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    Iterating over the art tree

    Meate Level 2

      I am trying to write a 'duplicateLayer' function, and I've read all the related posts on these forums.  It seems most of the responses have only addressed art inside a layer, and not nested layers/groups.  I need to be able to duplicate ALL items in a layer.


      I can get the sub-layers, but I can't figure out how to preserve order of the items in the new layer.  For example, if my layer looks like this:


      layer 1

      art 1

      art 2

      sub layer 1

      sub art 1

      art 3


      I can call layer.pageItems to get my three art objects and duplicate them, and I can call layer.layers to get my one sub layer and duplicate it.  But how do I preserve the same order of the art objects and sub layers with respect to each other?