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    Problem with Export! Please Help




      I am currently working on my new Project shoot in Redcode 4.5k and I have big troubles exporting my Film.


      I tried to Export the Film in H.264 / HDTV 1080p 25f and there was NO Sound or a terrible high sound when I watched the exported Film!


      Can it be a problem that I copied a varius numbers of sequenzes into one sequenz? I did so because I wanted to have a sequenz where I can put the pieces together.


      Is that maybe the problem!


      Please help me!










      Guten Tag,


      ich arbeite gegenwärtig an meinem neuen Projekt und beim Exportieren ist folgendes Problem aufgetreten:


      Versuche ich in Premiere das Filmmaterial aus einer Sequenz zu exportieren mit dem Format H.264 Vorgabe: HDTV 1080p 25f dann erhalte ich einen Film mit entweder keinem Ton oder mit einem hohen Pfeiffen.


      Das Filmmateriaö das ich bearbeite wurde auf einer REDone Codec Redcode aufgenommen 4.5 k.


      Kann es sein dass der Export nicht möglich ist weil ich einzelne fertige Sequenzen kopiert habe und in einer neuerstellten Sequenz zusammengefügt habe, quasi eine Sequenz für fertige  Szenen erstellt habe um sie dort aus den anderen Szenen-Sequenzen zusammenzustellen.


      Wäre toll wenn mir jemand weiterhelfen könnte!





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          davidbeisner2010 Level 3

          Hello! Welcome to the forums here at Adobe!


          As long as you can hear the sound when you play through your final sequence, you should have no troubles on export as long as your audio options are set correctly in your export panel. Nesting sequences as you've described is a very common task, and won't affect your audio at all.


          Double check that your "Export Audio" checkbox is ticked in your export window. If it is not, then that would explain your problems. If it is checked, then there may be something deeper as the cause, in which case it would be helpful if you could post us screenshots of your audio mixer and the head section of your audio tracks in the timeline panel.


          Also make sure that you're using Adobe PrPro 5.5 and that you have all the correct updates, including the RED importer, as new RED files don't work in older versions of Premiere. If the files were shot on the RED Epic, sound won't work at all in Premiere natively from the file (known bug) and so you'd have to use RED's Cine-X program to export audio files to bring in separately and sync to your video. However, you'd never get audio in your timeline at all, and so I think you would have noticed that issue before you got to export, so I'm guessing that's not your problem.


          Good luck, and report back what you find with your export settings!

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            MoenteHau Level 1

            Hello and thank you very much for your help!


            At the moment I use a Adobe Premiere cs 5.5 Trail. The thing is that when I export single sequenzes the sound works fine…the problem appears when I try to export the sequenz where I have copied all the single scenes together to make a rough cut. I made some screenshots!



            Bildschirmfoto 2012-04-05 um 18.44.38.pngBildschirmfoto 2012-04-05 um 18.44.22.png

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              davidbeisner2010 Level 3

              Ah, I can't speak to that particular limitation of the trial version, but it wouldn't at all surprise me if it was indeed a limitation of the Trial... Everything looks correct in your screenshots, and as long as you can hear the audio on playback, you should also hear it on export, unless the trial limits it.

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                MoenteHau Level 1

                Ok thank you very much for your help!


                Have a nice day!