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    Selection not De-Selecting after patch tool use

    birdpix11 Level 1

      When using the patch tool, I make the selection, pick my area for it to patch from and it patches just fine.


      BUT, the area I selected to be patched is still staying selected with marching ants around it and I have to CTRL-D to deselect before I can patch another area.


      Thought it de-selected on old machine and it's driving me crazy trying to retouch some jobs where the patch tool gets a real workout...


      Am running CS5 (12.1x64) on a new Windows 7 64 bit machine, using a Wacon Intous 4 w/latest drivers.


      Any help is much appreciated - thanks!


      ETA: I just checked on our (XP) laptop running 32-bit CS5 and the patch tool worked as I remembered - after patching, the area stayed selected until I hit the left mouse button and selected a different area to patch.