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    "There was an error opening this document" Adobe PostScript Driver creates corrupt PDF's.

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      Just looking for a point in the right direction or some answers to a problem that has been plaguing a few of our users.


      We use Adobe reader X and Adobe Post Script driver as a means to print a document as a PDF.

      However, a few of our users are experiencing the problem where as the every so often a PDF created comes up with the "There was an error opening this document.  The file is damaged and could not be repaired." Message. these documents always vary in size but average around 20 - 30 kb, These seem to be complete anomolies and are corrupted from the off. The only solution we have found for this is a complete rebuild. But we have no idea what is causing this, as we are using the latest version of Adobe Reader. Also, a document that will print corrupted on one go, will print fine on the next.