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    Good Customer Service is at the core of any successful business


      This started at 8:15AM this morning. It is 9:30. I have been on chat with a representative who told me they could not answer my question but would give me a sales number and then never came back with that number.


      I have been searching forums.


      I have followed a Contact Us link only to be led to a list of topics and a friendly written "Did This Help" and of course non of the topics were pertinant to my search.


      I did find a number for sells but when I told them the product I was enquiring about they told me I needed Adobe Connect and they would transfer me. I have been listening to some very unpleasent space age calming music for about 25 minutes.

      You can tell, it too is a collasol disaster.


      Someone just picked up and will not answer my questions without an email address and phone number. I should not have to give that information until after I am ready to purchase. I have asked for a supervisor because they do not know the product... Oh yes, and they did not identify Adobe or themselves when they picked up. That really encourages me to share my personal infornation with them.


      I have spent a lot of money in this company and recomended sales for many thousands more. No more. Can any of you recommend good software that is comprable to Adobes I should look in to?



      What is the tough question that has everyone flumoxed?

      I am in CS Review and want to know if the online meeting spaces available for monthly subscription would be a good fit to use instead.


      Is this so hard to answer? One would not think you could spend 90 monutes of your day and still not get an answer. I am hanging up the phone now too. It is 9:50. I am hitting send. It is 9:53PM