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    Print story editor


      Is there any way to print the story editor with changes shown?

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          Mary Posner Level 3

          Good question. I don't know if there's a way to do it directly out of InDesign, but I'd be interested to know if there is.


          If you make it an InCopy story, you can print it out through InCopy using Story/Galley views and include tracked changes, notes, etc. If you're really desperate, you can export it as IDML and comb through the code looking for "Change Date" markers, but that's difficult to read and not very practical for most uses.

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            Melt2 Level 1

            How do you view the code in the IDML file? 

            I do not have InCopy, so that is not an option.  But thanks for the idea.

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              Mary Posner Level 3

              You can open the IDML file using Text Wrangler, or you can unzip it to view the contents. Then you'll search through the items in the Stories folder for the "Change Date" markers, which marks the beginning of every change. It's pretty ugly though. Have plenty of extra-strength medicine-of-your-choice handy. Good luck!