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    Text + Image Flying onto the screen


      Very new to Adobe Premiere Elements 10 so this is probably a stupid question...


      How do I make pictures and text fly across the screen? I've done rolling credits for the end but the start I just want the logo and some text moving across the screen.


      Its so easy in imovie but I can't seem to do it in Premiere Elements. I am using it on a pc by the way.


      Thanks so much for any help



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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          Welcome to the forum.


          Those Effects are easily done by animating the Clips/Titles with Keyframes. Usually, one will at least start by working with the Fixed Effect>Motion>Position, and Keyframing it over time.


          While the actual work is easy, one does need to get a handle on the concept of Keyframing Effects. Steve Grisetti, our tireless MOD, has a multi-part Learning Series on Basic Keyframing, available on Muvipix.com. I do nto recall if that particular series is free to all, or is only for subscribers. That will give you a big head-start with the concepts.


          There is a similar thread, on exactly what you want to do, and was posted fairly recently. I will look for it, as both Steve and I go into a bit more detail. In the meantime, check out Muvipix.com, and also read the entries on "Keyframing" in the Help File.


          Good luck, and will report back with a link to that thread soon.



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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Here is one similar THREAD, and this is the THREAD, that I was looking for.


            Good luck,



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              Nash_John Level 3

              Hi Kristy,


              As Bill said, keyframing is simple and yet a very powerful tool for all kinds of movements of pictures,text,videos,effects,etc. with time.

              For moving text, you can also consider text animations. When you apply a text, and the titler opens, then on the right hand side, various text animation options are shown. PrE has got some quite good text animations options available.

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