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    Acrobat X Pro shuts down unexpectantly


      Acrobat X Pro shuts down when the comments pane is clicked.  Windows XP 32bit, Office 2007.  I don't have any issues on the XP 64bit install just on all my XP 32bit installs.  A couple machines show a generic error and others just close the program.  Any ideas?



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          AbhilashaSr Level 2

          Does it crash? Will it be possible for you to share the crash dump with us?


          Method for generating the crash dump:

          1) Install 32bit windbg from internet.

          2) Launch the command prompt

          3) Navigate to folder "cd C:\Program Files\Debugging Tools for Windows (x86)"

          4) Type "windbg -I" and press enter

          5) Now do the steps to reproduce the crash. (Launch Acrobat and click comments pane)

          6) After it crashes observe if a windbg window is launched with the crash details. Click Yes if it asks you to save it.

          7) A windbg window will open with a rectangular text box at the bottom of it where you can type text.

          8) Create a folder "C:\labfiles"

          9) In the text box mentioned in step 7 enter the following: .dump /ma c:/labfiles/AcrobatCrash.dmp

          10) Press enter.

          11) Share the file @ C:\labfiles\AcrobatCrash.dmp


          Thanks in advance.