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    CS5 will not export to pdf, nor can I delete background tasks to close program


      I haven't a clue as to why InDesign CS5 will not create a pdf file from a 12 page document that (to my knowledge) has no errors.  This file is of a 12-page advertising catalogue that has already been sent to the printer, so there is nothing wrong with the file.


      I want to create a low resolution version of the file for viewing on the web.  The request shows up in the Background Tasks, however, nothing is happening.  Plus, I cannot delete the background task.


      I am using version 7.0 of InDesign CS5 on a Mac Pro Quad Core, running Version 10.6.8 of OS X.


      Up until this point I haven't had a problem with InDesign.


      All help is greatly appreciated.


      Thank you,