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    CFGRID is not working in CF



      I have problems with the tag cfgrid, locally works fine, but in the server in CF doesn't work, it displays:




      I think that is a server problem, but the hosting company tell me that is a code-related error.

      I appreciate if somebody can help me.

      Thank you


      The piece of .cfm code is this, it works fine locally in CF 8 but not in CF

      <cfquery name="seeChains" datasource="ds1" username="***" password="***">

      SELECT *

      FROM chain


          <cfquery name="catalogueRFC" datasource="ds1" username="***" password="***">

      SELECT distinct rfc_c

      FROM chain



      <cfform name="chains" format="flash" width="100%" height="500">

        <cfformgroup type="panel" label="Our Chains">

      <cfselect query="catalogueRFC" queryposition="below" label="RFC" name="myselect1" value="rfc_c" display="rfc_c" width="200">

               <option value="All">All</option>



         <cfgrid name="listChains" query="seeChains" >

               <cfgridcolumn header="ID" name="idcadena" />

               <cfgridcolumn header="Nombre" name="nombre_c" />

               <cfgridcolumn header="RFC" name="rfc_c" />

               <cfgridcolumn header="Teléfono principal" name="telefono1_c" />

               <cfgridcolumn header="Teléfono alternativo" name="telefono2_c" />

               <cfgridcolumn header="Correo electrónico" name="correo_c" />