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    Triggering _root.play(); event with a cuePoint

      Hey folks.

      Let me start by saying I'm an actionscript novice. I'm a designer and a timeline guy... I've been able to get by with actionscript by cutting and pasting so there are some fundamentals that I don't understand.

      Now that that's out of the way, I need some help. I have a flv in the flvplayback component, instance name roy. I've embedded a cuepoint via the parameters panel named it continue. It occurs about 2 seconds before the end of the flv.

      The root timeline stops on the frame where the flvplayback component is located.

      All I need is for ActionScript to tell my root timeline to play(); once that cuepoint is reached.

      And surprise surprise... it doesn't work.

      I would greatly appreciate any help. And please keep in mind, I know very little about actionscript...