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    PDF search for term with space yields term with hyphen




      I've encountered what seems to be an unpleasant problem in PDF searches, and am wondering whether it's known or has a solution.


      In words, the problem is that when I perform a PDF search for a term with a space I get results for the term with a hyphen substituted for the space.


      Example: If I open this PDF (technical document from Freescale Semiconductor), and search for the term


      D cache


      I expect to find occurrences of the term "D cache", space and all. The term is in fact not in the PDF -- but the PDF search reports several instances found. Trouble is, the term it finds is




      This is unexpected, because a space is not the same as a hyphen. And this causes me problems, because I can't search for the space-separated term without hitting "false positives".


      I've tried this on Acrobat 9 Professional, Reader 9, and Acrobat 10 Professional, on Windows XP and Windows 7, using both quick search and advanced search with all possible permutations of options. The result is nonetheless the same.


      If you know of a solution to this problem, I would appreciate it if you shared it. Thank you!