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    Bridge display wrong RAW data in metadata panel

    NormanPCN Community Member

      Create a .PSD file with a raw file opened as a smart object. (CR2 files in my case)

      Save the file.

      Open the file.

      Edit the PSD file and change some basic raw settings.

      Save the file.

      Look at the Camera Raw metadata in Bridge. It shows the raw meta data from the raw file originally opened. Not the current raw settings of the raw smart object in the PSD file.


      With my currnet files Bridge shows the process 5.7 settings since that is how the PSD was created. The file(s) have all been switched to process 6.7 in the PSD file so the metadata displayed is even further from reality.


      I believe the current raw settings of the raw smart object should be shown since they are the ones used to render the image. The original settings have no meaning in the current document.


      I reported this ages ago in CS5.


      Windows 7, 64-bit. Bridge and PS 64-bit