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    How to De-interlace DV/PAL for InstantHD

    rtrobr Level 1

      I have Win7, CS5.5/Premiere Pro installed on a fast PC (ASUSP8P67), HD Radion 6900.


      I am looking at using some of my archive of miniDV footage in some HD projects using Red Giant's Instant HD.


      I have read hours of stuff about deinterlacing without finding a simple answer. 


      It says it is designed to work with de-interlaced video and all my MiniDV footage is imported as avi DVPAL files over firewire into my PC using Premiere Pro and so is interlaced.


      I have tried using it and the resizing works.


      How can I best convert my files to get the best out of InstantHD.


      I tried Exporting a timeline of a file with Field Options set to Always Deinterlace and "Match Sequence Settings" until I realised outputting as DVPAL meant it had to be interlaced (lower field dominant)


      I had to find a way to open up the greyed out control in the video optiond to allow progressive.


      I have just found a way by trial and error - I don't really understand, but that doesn't usually stop us.....


      If I export the timeline with my DVPAL clip and set the format to AVI and set the video codec to None, I can set the Field Type to Progressive and the Aspect to DV PAL.


      Premiere seems to recognise it as Progressive. If I add it to its own timeline and export it and click Match Sequence Settings, the Field Type comes up as Progressive (Format is MPEG Preview). All my other files come up as lower field dominant.


      Have I succeeded, or how should I do it properly



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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Don't know where you have read it but Instant HD works also on interlaced footage.

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            rtrobr Level 1

            Thanks Ann - you are right!  


            I can stop wondering why it seemed to work with my MiniDV PAL avi files.


            I did write to Red Giant about this question a couple of days ago but I am awaiting an answer. It would seem to be something they ought to be making more of.


            The updated versions from v1.1 do handle interlaced frames. It is now on v1.2.


            I had gone straight ot purchase/download.


            What's New on the web site does say.


            •Version 1.1 includes interlaced-to-interlaced scaling support


            The information I had read about InstantHD on Forums and their own FAQ was that it was great software but it was all about deinterlacing first. .




            • If I shot footage using an interlaced format, how do I de-interlace before using Instant HD?




            Prior to up-conversion with Instant HD, you must de-interlace the material to a progressive format. For best results, we recommend using a high-quality de-interlacing tool such as Magic Bullet Frames or Fields Kit. However host applications such as After Effects or Final Cut Pro have built-in de-interlacing tools that will also work.



            Date Modified: 2008-06-11 17:38:18


            The manual which is supplied with the software also needs updating


            Taken from the current manual:


            "There is one major limitation in the current Instant HD release. The product is specifically designed to work with progressive (non-interlaced) images. That means that if you are starting with interlaced video such as a standard Sony PD150 DVCAM capture, you will need to convert the image to progressive in the host application before applying Instant HD."


            The support documentation is always the the last thing to get updated!