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    What is the best way to create smooth text for websites?

    talbot Level 1

      When I use the text tool usually the text comes out pixelated or jagged after saving for web (Ctrl+Shift+Alt+S in Win CS4).

      I recall hearing someone say that you should create it as a vector in Illustrater and then import it. I have AI CS4 along with my CS4 Master Suite but haven't used AI much and am not really sure if that's the way to go but I am unsure about what vector means.

      Could somone take a moment to explain what a vector(ized) image is AND the best way to create text that woukd look good on/for images used on the web and hopefully still have it fairly easy enough to edit later? I suspect that I would have to recreate it in AI as a vector image when changes have to be made but that is fine and something I can live with if using AI to make text is the best way to go then I will always do it that way and getting proficient...

      Thanks in advance for your time and help!