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    Image Pop-Outs and Slideshows


      I’m working with a group of undergraduate students to turn our department’s alumni newsletter into an interactive PDF magazine that will include pop-out galleries. Unfortunately, while the test gallery I created works beautifully on my MacBook Pro and on a Dell belonging to a student, it does not work on another student’s Mac, on an iPad, or an iPod Touch. In fact, on those last three examples, not only do the larger images not appear, but also the thumbnails themselves disappear.


      Could this be a problem associated with out-of-date versions of Acrobat Reader? Do you have any idea why this is happening and what we might be able to do to correct it?


      We specifically avoided creating a SWF gallery because we wanted iPad users to be able to view our images, so we're sort of at a loss as to how to proceed. Thanks for any help any of you can provide!