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    Computer for music videos (editing, post-production e.t.c)


      Hi guys


      My name is Kirils. I'm a music video director(beginner(video editor, animator e.t.c))

      Programs i use: After effects CS5.5, Premiere Pro CS5, Cinema 4D r13, Photoshop CS5

      I'm shooting my videos on canon 7d

      I read this articles:


      http://www.videoguys.com/Guide/E/Videoguys+DIY9+Sneak+Peek+Its+Time+for+Sandy+Bridge+E/0xe 9b142f408a2b03ab88144a434e88de7.aspx



      BUT, as it comes to build your computer, i'm starting kind of gambling what to buy to get best performance and quality, for instance, some people telling that Quadro 4000 better than nvidia 560 and in other way... Maybe this will sound kind of impudent, but someone could create a list for me of details that i need to purchase to create a GOOD computer. I'm not an expert in this questions, but i just want to build good one computer for next 3-5 years. My budget - 5000$. Thank you for your time.